Sometimes your need to manage some services, view log files or do any other task which is not related to a model.

Let’s say for example you want to see the memcached status of your application and also want to be able to flush all the keys.

First of all we will create a controller:

class Admin::MemcachedController < Admin::ResourceController

  # Here we return the status of the service.
  def index

  # Here we flush all the keys and redirect to the index.
  def flush_all
    redirect_to :back, :notice => I18n.t("Memcached has been flushed.")


We will need some views for the new controller. We will create them on the application: app/views/admin/memcached/index.html.erb

Remember: In order to have access to the “tableless resources” you need to add them to the roles.

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